2011 conference lineup

Dr. Susan Brown will be joining the conference this year as the internal keynote speaker. Dr. Brown is a professor at the University of Guelph and the University of Alberta whose research centres on an ongoing interdisciplinary collaborative research endeavor—the Orlando Project (www.ualberta.ca/orlando), which published its flagship literary historical textbase online with Cambridge University Press in 2006 (orlando.cambridge.org) and continues to innovate in the production of advanced tools for feminist literary research. Scholarly reviews have heralded the textbase as setting a new standard both in its scholarly area and in its digital delivery.  This research has received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada’s Major Collaborative Research Initiatives, Standard Research Grants, and Image, Text, Sound Technology programs, and from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

Dr. Darren Wershler will be joining this year’s conference as the external keynote speaker. Dr. Wershler is a professor at Concordia University and has worked in both English and Communication Studies departments. His work focuses on the relationship between avant-garde art and writing on one hand and communication studies and media history on the other. His collaborative work over the last six years will culminate in another volume, titled Dynamic Fair Dealing, co-edited with Rosemary Coombe and Martin Zeilinger.
Darren Wershler is also a professional writer, editor, designer and publisher of print and new media. His personal website is alienated.



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